Discovery is a service provided for those who want to learn more about employment and how their supports and other life factors impact the options they have. Discovery is broken up into a series of meetings, observations and interviews. The Capabilities Career Consultant will find out who is involved in your life, what supports they offer, what kind of transportation options are available for you based on your supports and where you live, what is important to you, what is important for you, what your interests are, what your skills are, what your long term and short term goals are and what it will take to meet those goals.

Work Adjustment

This time-limited program uses individual work, or work related activities, with the emphasis on establishing positive work skills. Work adjustment is provided in actual work settings and supervised by Capabilities staff.  For every ten (10) hours of work authorized, four (4) hours of coaching time is allotted.

Career Exploration

Our Exploration Services connect the dots between people and definition of their career path.
This can include assessments to help people find out what they like to do, what they can physically do, what jobs are in their local market, what level of education they may need to pursue a specific job, and/or how much money someone generally makes in career.

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Vocational Assessment/Testing – Traditional, Expedited, Functional Limitations, and Goal

A vocational evaluation is a comprehensive, systematic, organized assessment process that is used to help a person served and the VRC determine an appropriate, realistic vocational and/or training goal(s). This customized service is based on the person’s academic skills, aptitudes, transferable skills, interests, work values, personality type, barriers to employment, work attitudes, and functional limitations.  The evaluator’s role is to support the person served in identifying a vocational goal(s) that meets their specific needs.

Homesite Suitability Assessment/Testing

This assessment is done over a four-week period of time. It is used to assess the person served’s ability to work from home. The person served is given homework assignments with deadlines similar to real employment situations to determine if the person served can work independently from their home with minimal contact. The person served’s knowledge of the Internet, Word, Excel, and Outlook is assessed. The person served’s academic levels are tested, as well as their typing speed and knowledge of office skill practices.