Description of Service

Capabilities Community Clubs, also known as Adult Day Support or STEP (Start Toward Emerging Possibilities), are part of a member-led service that trains and reinforces skills that are critical to community inclusion and employment, including self-advocacy, communication, and social interactions. Newly introduced in 2020, the STEP service requires additional specific outcomes for service delivery. At Capabilities, three person-centered tracks are defined that address the specific needs of people on varying employment paths: explorers, seekers, and workers.

Group of Piqua Club members and staff

To be eligible for our Clubs, individuals are either on a Medicaid Waiver or receive funding through their local county board of developmental disabilities. Transportation is provided to and from the Club activities through non-medical transportation. Those in our Clubs spend most of their time practicing and learning skills through small group instruction and volunteering. Our individuals are able to focus on how to get involved in their communities to discover new activities and recreation. Our Clubs take place fully in the community meaning they are non-facility based. Additionally, our Clubs are in groups of four participants or less with one Community Consultant allowing for unique, individualized training and experiences.

Below is a list of our current Day Habilitation location areas:

  • Dayton
  • Lima
  • Piqua
  • St. Marys

Please click here to review our general Capabilities Community Clubs Flyer with additional information about all services provided by Capabilities.

What does the Service Look Like?

  • Morning pick up around 9 am via Capabilities van or small bus
  • Pick up other Club members (no more than four total)
  • Spend the day volunteering (ex. local food bank) or doing a socially distanced recreational activity (ex. bowling)
  • Return home around 2 pm via Capabilities van or small bus

Four Club members in the woods

We thrive on helping people connect the dots and what sets us apart from other providers is that we are no longer facility-based and our services are fully inclusive in the community. Transportation is provided by the Community Consultant who works directly with the Club members and the consultant typically works with the same group of members, which provides consistency and encourages person-centered service delivery. Our Consultants truly build relationships with our Club members to help them achieve their goals and learn how to make informed decisions. We have an expansive variety of community sites and connections that allows our members to have options they can choose from and plan their day.

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