Description of Service

The person will complete a series of assessment tools meant to reflect his/her academic skills and abilities, aptitudes, transferable skills, interests, work values, personality type, barriers to employment, work attitudes, and functional limitations.

Per Opportunities for Ohioans (OOD) guidelines, Vocational Evaluations are “utilized to identify and evaluate a person’s current and projected vocational functioning. Standardized tests and/or work samples will be evaluated to document a person’s abilities, interests, capabilities, aptitudes, and level of academic functioning.” This may include “interviewing the person, their family members, and other involved service personnel (e.g. teachers, case managers, etc.).” The outcome of the service is “to identify and provide supporting data and documentation of viable employment options that the person and their counselor may discuss as part of the vocational counseling process.” Capabilities also provides Vocational Consultation (VC) services which are “utilized when the person has identified a potential employment option but [the counselor] needs additional information to determine the feasibility and appropriateness of the potential employment goal.”

What does the Service Look Like?

During a Vocational Evaluation, you complete a series of assessments and inventories meant to reflect your academic skills, abilities, aptitudes, transferable skills, interests, work values, personality type, barriers to employment, work attitudes, and/or functional limitations. You and your counselor determine the desired assessment areas. You learn about the functional aspect of your disability in relation to your career options/choices. This testing can take up to a full day to complete but can be done in two or three meetings, depending on your needs. For convenience, the Capabilities Evaluator can complete this assessment virtually or in-person. If the assessment is in-person, you and the Evaluator select a location close to where you live. Upon completion of the assessment, you and the Evaluator discuss the results and identify specific vocational goals that meet your needs, as well as labor market demands. A report at the end of the service is written that summarizes and recommends potential career goals for you. As requested by your counselor, a final exit staff meeting can be held.


For the Job Seeker: Upon completion of the Vocational Evaluation, up to four vocational goals will be identified that meets the person’s needs. Similarly, the Vocational Consultation will offer additional information about a specific job goal. This will better prepare the person for when he/she begins to seek competitive, integrated employment and provide him/her with the confidence in the ability to be successful in his/her chosen career.

For the Employer: Applicants who have completed these services will have a strong understanding of their capabilities and limitations which will ensure quality candidates who can meet employer standards.

For the Funding Source: These services will provide vital information and insight into a person’s strengths, barriers, and career interests, allowing the funding source to be better equipped to advise and guide the person on their road to success and help them select a job goal that fits them.