Description of Service

This service is performed for the person to explore specific career interests; evaluate work performance behaviors or stamina; and/or to measure work productivity.

Per Opportunities for Ohioans (OOD) guidelines, Community Based Assessments (CBAs) or work trials “are performed to measure a person’s job readiness and/or to provide information on a person’s abilities, behaviors, talents, and preferences to determine if a specific employment opportunity would be a good match.” People starting in this service work with a Capabilities Career Consultant to find a suitable employer to complete their assessment, are paid by Capabilities for the hours they work at the assessment, and are covered under Capabilities’ Worker’s Compensation Liability Insurance. A Capabilities Job Coach is with the person at all times during this service to make sure the person they are supporting is meeting the requirements of the work trial.

What does the Service Look Like?

After your interests, strengths/weaknesses, and availability are discussed, your Career Consultant will set up an appropriate site to complete the assessment. Tax paperwork and two forms of identification will also be collected at this time to ensure you can be paid for the assessment. A temporary work schedule will be developed and you will either meet your Career Consultant at the established site on your assigned days or be transported there by the Career Consultant if requested by your VRC. Once at the site, you and your Career Consultant will meet with the supervisor to review and learn the tasks you will be responsible for during the assessment. You are encouraged to ask the supervisor questions when learning the assigned tasks to ensure you are meeting employer expectations. The Career Consultant assesses your strengths and support needs in order to make recommendations for potential future needs. Throughout the service, your Career Consultant will create a report and, if requested, meet with you and your OOD counselor to discuss the outcome of the CBA and provide recommendations for what your next step(s) could be. You and your counselor then meet to do further planning.


For the Job Seeker: Our CBA service provides the person with valuable experience in the workplace and identifies vocational areas of interest, strengths/weaknesses, and potential barriers to employment which helps the person adequately prepare for entering the workforce. 

For the Employer: Sites developed as assessment locations for CBAs will have the pleasure of helping strengthen their community.

For the Funding Source: This service provides the individual an opportunity to see if a particular vocational goal is a good fit. It will also determine what areas the person may need to work on, ultimately leading to quicker and more successful employment for the individual.