Computer Skills Class

Students are taught in a small group setting, ensuring they receive one to one attention from the instructor. Classes are held at Capabilities’ offices. Each student works with the instructor to develop an individualized training plan that meets their vocational needs and skill level. Students are able to apply their newly learned skills to case-based business exercises.Continue Reading Computer Skills Class

Computer and/or Clerical Assessment/Testing

A professional evaluator will identify potential job placement goals and recommendations through customized ability and achievement testing as well as interest, values, personality, transferable skills, and career maturity inventories.

Vocational Evaluation and Vocational Consultation

Professional evaluator will identify potential computer viability goals by measuring competency on a personal computer and a variety of Windows-based software programs.  One-on-one pre-assessment and post-assessment interviews with the consumer will be conducted.

Homesite Suitability Assessment/Testing

This assessment is done over a four-week period of time. It is used to assess the person served’s ability to work from home. The person served is given homework assignments with deadlines similar to real employment situations to determine if the person served can work independently from their home with minimal contact. The person served’s knowledge of the Internet, Word, Excel, and Outlook is assessed. The person served’s academic levels are tested, as well as their typing speed and knowledge of office skill practices.