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This course is an online option to replace the in person classroom option. Please note that this online class option is offered and operated by Costech Technologies - a 3rd party vendor that works with Capabilities in assisting interested individuals in completing the requirements to obtain their driver's license.

  • Capabilities is happy to refer interested individuals to an online course offered by Costech Technologies. This course can be completed at your own pace from any internet connected computer or tablet.
  • After completing the 2 hours of online classwork, the student can contact Costech Technologies at 888.385.3272 to request to have their certificate mailed directly to them. Please be aware that the only option to receive your certificate is by contacting Costech and requesting that it is mailed to you, and you MUST have your certificate before beginning the on the road driver's training portion. Once your have your certificate, you can contact Capabilities, or another on the road driver’s education service provider, to sign up for the required 8 hours of on the road driver’s training (if student is under the age of 18). You will need to provide your certificate to this provider when you begin on the road driver's training with them.
  • The 8 hours of on the road driver’s training is NOT included in the price of the online class.
  • This course will not satisfy any Adult Remedial or Juvenile Driver Improvement Program (JDIP) course's ordered by the court system and will not add 2 points to your driving record.

Drivers with Disabilities

Capabilities' certified instructor has a special certification to teach people with disabilities how to drive. Drivers needing special vehicle adaptations beyond spinner knobs, hand controls, or left foot accelerators need to supply their own vehicle for on the road instruction.