Lynette Snider

What I look for in a team:

My ideal team member would be someone who isn’t afraid to speak up and someone who will express their thoughts and ideas clearly, directly, honestly, and with respect for others. A hard worker who is very reliable and can absorb, understand, and consider ideas and points of views from other people. Someone who pitches in to help and is willing to work as a team to accomplish the task at hand and takes an initiative to help and make things happen while sharing information, knowledge, and experience to their team members. The person must be able to multi-task and have a great personality!

If you are interviewing with me, you should know:

While interviewing with me you should know the type of person we are looking for to join our team and be able to explain why we should hire you. I’d like to know how your background is going to make you stand out from others and where you envision yourself in the next couple of years.

Biggest Success

I love being able to interact with both the office staff, consultants, and managers throughout the company. It is nice to be able to speak with and be involved with everyone to build strong personal connections. I enjoy doing the office work and having the consultants be able to rely on me to know whatever they need I will make sure it gets done. Our biggest success is the hard work and team effort put forth to help our person served achieve their ultimate goal.

Day of Providing Service that You Would Write a Book About

Tuesday... Tuesday's are usually my best working day :)

Why I love What I Do

What I love most about working at Capabilities is whether you are a manager, consultant, or work in the office, everyone works as a team to help our individuals achieve their ultimate goals. Knowing we are such an important contributing factor to the much bigger picture is one of the best rewards we could receive!

Interesting Fact About Yourself

I love sports; specifically Ohio State Buckeye Football and Duke Blue Devil Basketball.

Previous Experience Outside of Capabilities

I previously worked as a Direct Support Associate in the developmentally disabled wing of a nursing home.

If you could have dinner...

If I could have dinner with anyone I would choose Peyton Manning. Peyton has always been a great role model not only on the football field with his success, but how he carries himself and his character off of the field also. His kindness, generosity, hard work ethic, humor, and overall outlook on life is something we all can look up to and strive to be like. Peyton Manning and the entire Manning Family have always had my utmost respect!