Kelly Loach

What I look for in a team:

I look for hardworking, flexible individuals. There are always things changing and being able to adapt to changes is important. Also, someone who is not afraid to communicate if they need assistance.

If you are interviewing with me, you should know: be on time. Being on time for interviews, appointments, meetings, etc. shows you are punctual, ambitious, and professional.

Biggest Success

I would say my biggest success thus far working at Capabilities would be being able to read, format and bill reports without having to have them reviewed by someone else first.

Why I love What I Do

I love the people I work with. We have a strong, hard-working team at Capabilities and it is a pleasure working with them.

Previous Experience Outside of Capabilities

I have 10 years of experience working in childcare prior to coming to Capabilities, not only as a teacher but as an administrative assistant.

If you could have dinner...

I would have to say, Lady Gaga. She continues to be herself no matter what others say and think about her.