Bryan Lynch

Biggest Success

The opportunity to work with great consumers, students, and co-workers has been amazing. Additionally, I’ve learned a great deal about Ohio’s and Capabilities’ Driving Schools, their curriculum, and applicable laws. With this new knowledge, I’ve been given the opportunity to use my skills and talents to support and work with Capabilities’ Driving School

Why I love What I Do

There is no “typical” day for me at Capabilities, which is why I love this company so much. Each day brings new challenges, successes, growth, and interaction with great consumers, students, and co-workers.

Interesting Fact About Yourself

I have a wonderful wife, two beautiful daughters, and I’m a huge Neil Diamond fan. I’m also a Licensed Private Pilot.

Previous Experience Outside of Capabilities

Prior to working with the amazing team at Capabilities, my experience includes working as a Corporate Trainer, Probation Office Supervisor, Prison Diversion Program Director, and College Instructor.

If you could have dinner...

I would love to have dinner with Neil Armstrong. I grew up very close to where Neil Armstrong was raised and have followed the history, achievements, successes and tragedies of our Nation’s space program for many years. In addition to being the first human being to land on the moon, Neil Armstrong played a significant role behind the scenes role with NASA following his moon landing, to include leading the investigation into the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster in 1986. The opportunity to hear directly from him regarding his experiences, life, and philosophies would be amazing. Sadly, Armstrong passed away in 2012.