Description of Service

This service provides easily accessible support and training needed to succeed in today’s competitive work environments.

What does the Service Look Like?

After securing competitive, integrated employment, a Capabilities Career Consultant works closely with you at your employer either in person or remotely to ensure you are adapting well to your new work environment and to address any concerns that may arise. A customized support plan is developed that identifies quality and quantity performance standards based on your employer’s expectations and industry standards. The Career Consultant collaborates with your employer and utilizes various instructional techniques to facilitate the learning of your job duties and assess your progress to encourage further growth and independence. You receive person-centered support to ensure your success and the Career Consultant gradually decreases that level of support over time until you are completely comfortable with your job and independent.


For the Job Seeker: Our OTJS service provides the person with customized support to meet his/her needs on the job with the ultimate goal of independence and self-sufficiency.

For the Employer: This service is beneficial to employers as it is a true collaborative effort to ensure the person can meet the standards and requirements of the role, leading to a stronger likelihood of employee retention.

For the Funding Source: This service provides the individual with the tools needed to be successful in maintaining his/her new position, demonstrating the value that Capabilities brings to supporting people with disabilities in their career goals.