Description of Service

Job Development assists job seekers in obtaining suitable fulfilling employment.

Includes services provided by a job developer to assist persons to obtain suitable employment.  Capabilities provides an engaged job development process that offers minimal supports for the person to explore employment options, introduce their skills and talents to employers, and make job selection decisions.  Capabilities mutually collaborates with employers to provide quality job candidates, accommodation recommendations and support their retention needs.    In addition to satisfaction surveys, success in Job Placement is measured by the number of persons served who are successfully employed 90 days after the job coaching is completed.  This is known as “Successful Closures”.

What does the Service Look Like?

A job developer from Capabilities contacted me and said she was going to help me find a job. Our first meeting she met with me at the library for some initial paperwork. She gathered information to make a resume for me. Each time we met we practiced my interview skills and she gave me pointers on how to dress. She showed me how to make calls to employers, fill out applications and how to talk to the employers we visited each time we met. She told the employers all of the reasons they should hire me.  It was really nice to hear so many positive things said about me. Soon I was getting interviews and I was ultimately offered a job as a receptionist for a car dealership. Thanks to my job developer I am now working at a job I love and making new work friends.