Day Habilitation Services

The Day Habilitation programs with Capabilities are an example of the Community Integration service category.  These programs serve to connect the dots between people and community involvement.  Capabilities assists individuals in living integrated lives through individualized services.  The programs operate both in group and individual settings to achieve the goals which they have targeted.

Capabilities Day Habilitations or Community Clubs are day services provided to individuals who are either on a Medicaid Waiver or receive funding through their county board of Developmental Disability. Transportation is provided to and from the club through non-medical transportation. Those in the Community Clubs spend most of their time going on outings or volunteering at local businesses. Some individuals choose to focus on learning job skills to prepare for employment, others choose to learn more about employment and what that looks like and others choose to learn more about how to get involved in their communities and what hobbies and recreation they like to participate in. Individuals choose the outings they want to participate in based on a monthly calendar full of different options for the day! Most days, individuals pack their lunches, but sometimes, they get to go out to eat to a variety of local restaurants.

Here is a list of our current Day Habilitation programs:

CCC St. Marys

CCC Dayton





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