Shelly Robson

Biggest Success

My biggest success working at Capabilities thus far is helping each individual to be independent and feel successful in all they do each time I am with them.

Why I love What I Do

I love what I do here at Capabilities because everyone needs a purpose and I want to show each person I serve that they have to ability to provide a new way of thinking to daily tasks that can augment their community and provide joy to themselves. It just makes me a better person and helps me keep my perspective.

Interesting Fact About Yourself

An interesting fact about myself is that I love to collect coins. I find going through large amounts of change enjoyable and interesting, because each coin has their own story that I may never know, but it has came to me and touched me.

Previous Experience Outside of Capabilities

I have worn many hats, I have been a factory worker, quality auditor, trainer, chairwoman of the Christian Education Board, teacher, volunteer at a local school, direct support professional, and finally a mother of three amazing young men.

If you could have dinner...

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be my old (extended family/friends) from Michigan. Since we have moved back to Ohio 6 1/2 years ago, it has been hard to visit everyone we knew and it would be nice just to see them and catch up because we were so close after living there for 11 years.