Sara Katterheinrich

What I look for in a team:

I look for teamwork, to have the coworkers work side by side, and to be respectful of each other. I want a team that enjoys being around each other and has the best interest for the person served. I want a team that makes a difference in the lives they touch.

If you are interviewing with me, you should know:

I look for someone who is honest, who will look me in the eye when answering questions, and who is compassionate and has heart. I also want someone who will show respect and appreciation.

Biggest Success

I would say my biggest success is seeing one of my very first consumers (Brad) that I placed grow with his employer. Brad was placed as a bagger and stock clerk shortly after this he became a cashier. Brad was able to call each customer by name as they would enter the store and made them feel welcomed and that they mattered. I was able to talk with Brad's mother and she told me that not only did you help Brad get a job you also gave him a life, he now has friends and goes to ball games with his coworkers he smiles and is happy. The store eventually closed the location that he was working at and Brad was able to move to one of the other stores locations. I am happy to say that Brad is still with this employer.

Day of Providing Service that You Would Write a Book About

A day that sticks out in my mind was meeting a person served that was to be getting clothing. We went to the store to purchase her clothing and she was so excited because she had never really taken the time to shop for herself, she was a mother and she made sure that her daughter was well taken care of before her own needs were met. She had one of the biggest smiles while shopping and trying on clothing. When we had completed our shopping we went up front and purchased the clothing as we walked to the car she began to cry. I asked her if she was okay and she said that this was like Christmas and she had been given the best gifts possible, she asked if she could give me a hug. This is an experience and feeling that I will never forget.

Why I love What I Do

I love that we are able to help others to make their dreams come true. We help them become independent and successful. To watch the process from start to finish when you first meet with a person served to closing them successfully. To see their faces light up with hope and joy that they can do this and life just got a little better for them. It is great to have a job where you can make a difference and have a impact on others.

Interesting Fact About Yourself

I come from a family of ten children two brothers and seven sisters. I am the youngest girl in the family

Previous Experience Outside of Capabilities

Watching my daughters grow up into beautiful women. They are the pride and joy of my life.

If you could have dinner...

My dad and my sisters that are no longer here and have all of my family members join us.