Halee Ewing

Biggest Success

My greatest success is working with someone who had previously told everyone no to working on days that he wanted to go do something fun. One day I called him because the dayhab he currently goes to was going to COSI, and he wanted to go instead of working. After talking with him he said he had a lot of fun working and would work instead.

Why I love What I Do

I love to work at Capabilities because it is a great place to work. I enjoy the consumers I work with and my coworkers. I also love working here because I love seeing someone who may not feel they accomplish much do great things despite of their disability.

Interesting Fact About Yourself

Something interesting about me is I am currently working on a collection of fantasy novels that I would one day like to publish. Currently I am on book four, but have begun changing details in the previous books so they all flow together. I am hoping to have the series finished by the year 2020.

Previous Experience Outside of Capabilities

Before I came to work at Capabilities I went to undergrad at Ohio University for Communication Science and Disorders. In my undergrad I worked with people who had special needs, were differently abled, and those who had come to America from other countries to teach. I also worked with special Olympics when I was in high school.

If you could have dinner...

I could have dinner with anyone I would choose my grandmother. She passed away when I was 12, and I have had a lot of big accomplishments since we lost her. I would love to sit down with her again, introduce her to my husband and show her everything I have done in the past 9 years