Gary Loach

What I look for in a team:

There are several qualities I look for in a team that I manage. Each member of the team brings something unique and using each of their strengths to form a cohesive unit is a driver for success. Honesty, integrity, passion, and a good attitude can go a long way. If a person possesses these qualities and a willingness to learn, I can teach them the necessary skills for their position.

If you are interviewing with me, you should know:

First impressions are important to me and I value seeing people who are excited about potential opportunities.

Biggest Success

I feel there have been many different successes in working at Capabilities. However, my biggest success was getting my first placement as a Job Developer. I will never forget the person, their job, or how I felt that day and what it truly meant to impact someone's life for the better.

Day of Providing Service that You Would Write a Book About

Since we are being asked day directly, I will say a Thursday. In all seriousness, when I provided services it was important to be organized, have a plan, be positive, and focus on the goals of the individuals.

Why I love What I Do

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to customize my position to my skills and abilities. There aren't many places that help persons served and their own employees do what they want to do with their careers.

Interesting Fact About Yourself

I have owned a roofing company in the past before selling it to go to college. Currently, I own a local pizza shop which is run by my best friend and brother, Derek.

Previous Experience Outside of Capabilities

I have worked in the food industry, retail, merchandising, and manufacturing.

If you could have dinner...

Mitt Romney. My undergraduate degree is in Political Science/Public Administration and my graduate degree is in Management/Strategy and I have always admired that Mitt is a successful businessman and politician. Those were the two career goals I have had in my life and am fortunate enough to be involved with both. I also admire how much of a family man he is as I am a family first oriented person.