Bill Blumhorst

What I look for in a team:

A group of people who encourage fellow employees to do their best. People who enjoy working together to accomplish common goals together. Always try and see the strengths in people and not focus on their weakness and collectively look to use the each individual strengths to form the team.

If you are interviewing with me, you should know:

Be outgoing and tell me about your past experiences and what you enjoy doing.

Biggest Success

Creating a positive work enviorment

Day of Providing Service that You Would Write a Book About

See the smiles and tears of someone who accomplished getting their driving license who never thought they would and knowing you had a small part in that to make that happen!

Why I love What I Do

Assisting people in improving their lives.

Interesting Fact About Yourself

I enjoy nature and fishing.

Previous Experience Outside of Capabilities

I was a pre press supervisor in a print shop. Coached Special Olympics basketball for fifeteen years.

If you could have dinner...

One more family meal with the entire family including Karen and my parents to discuss how their lives brought us to this point and how the next generations are dealing with theirs.