Description of Service

Professional evaluator will identify potential computer viability goals by measuring competency on a personal computer and a variety of Windows-based software programs.  One-on-one pre-assessment and post-assessment interviews with the consumer will be conducted.

What does the Service Look Like?

The person served will complete a series of assessment tools meant to reflect their academic skills and abilities, aptitudes, transferable skills, interests, work values, personality type, barriers to employment, work attitudes, and functional limitations. Upon completion of these tools, the evaluator and person served will discuss the results and then identify specific vocational goals that meet their needs, as well as labor market demands. This testing can take up to four and a half hours. It can be done in two or three meetings, depending on the person served’s needs. The evaluator always comes to a location near the person served, regardless where they live.


Upon completion of a vocational assessment, the evaluator and person will have identified up to three vocational goals that meet the person served’s needs. These goals will be based on the person served’s disability/ability and all the factors that impact their choices. It is hoped that when the person served leaves the evaluation, they are fully aware of all that they will be bringing to a job and know they can work.