Description of Service

Travel Training is used to help people learn how to travel on public transportation. It serves to assess a person’s ability to travel independently and teaches appropriate social and technical skills needed to utilize public transportation.

What does the Service Look Like?

I needed to get to and from work but I didn’t have a car or license. Capabilities Career Consultant met with me and she showed me how to read a bus schedule. She also taught me how to call and ask if I wasn’t sure. I needed to learn to ride back and forth to work so we started out riding it together the first couple of times until I felt comfortable. She then followed the bus in a car so if I got off at the wrong stop she was there to pick me up. We also worked on how to get a taxi in case the bus was not running or if I missed it.


For the job seeker: When a person learns how to use public transportation it opens up the whole world to them. They can independently go to work, shopping, and fun events without depending on other people.

For the employer: They gain an employee that can get to and from work independently so they can come in earlier and stay later without needing to okay it with their ride.