Description of Service

This service assesses a person’s ability to travel independently and teaches appropriate social and technical skills needed to utilize public transportation.

What does the Service Look Like?

You may need to get to and from work, and this service can help you if you don’t have access to a car and/or driver’s license. A Capabilities Career Consultant can meet with you and show you how to travel independently in your community and help with skills such as reading a bus schedule, public transportation rules, and requesting transportation with a Provider. The Career Consultant could also teach you how to call and ask if you aren’t sure of a schedule. The Career Consultant could ride along with you to prepare you to travel independently. You and the Career Consultant would also create a plan for what to do if something unexpected happens like missing a ride or transportation closures. The goal is to assess your ability to travel independently and teach you the appropriate social and technical skills needed to utilize public transportation.


For the Job Seeker: When a person learns how to use public transportation, it opens up the whole world to them. They can independently go to work, shop, and attend fun events without depending on other people. They can become confident and independent in their ability to work and travel around in the community. 

For the Employer: An employer may gain an employee that can get to and from work more independently so they can come in earlier and stay later by being able to coordinate and understand their own transportation options.

For the Funding Source: Our funding sources such as Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) and local county boards can expect person-centered service delivery which focuses on the person’s goals and desired outcomes, leading to enhanced trasnportation opportunities for the person on their road to independence.