Description of Service

This Summer service is an opportunity for high school students to learn appropriate work skills through hands-on experience.

What does the Service Look Like?

The ‘building blocks’ format of the Summer Youth Foundations service allows you to learn about a variety of different career paths in your local area. When considering a career you might be interested in what a typical day looks like, the required education, skills desired, schedule demands, rewarding aspects, wages/benefits, and the physical conditions of the work environment. The service could include taking virtual tours of businesses, observing different careers, and speaking directly with people who work in those roles. This helps you visualize and gain knowledge about several career paths and also provides you with the foundation to start your career journey. Summer Youth Foundations is a unique opportunity for you to work with other transition-aged students to develop work skills, learn and practice soft skills, and start building your professional work experience. You learn how to dress, prepare for, and have a professional interview, in addition to learning about proper behaviors in the workplace. This paid experience also provides you with the opportunity to enhance and improve upon your work skills with the assistance of a Capabilities Career Consultant. 



For the Job Seeker: Our Summer Youth Foundation service provides the person served with an introduction to the working world so that he/she knows how to prepare for employment, what to expect, and how to move forward with his/her career.  

For the Employer: Our Summer Youth Youth Foundation services are a rewarding experience for local employers to provide a space for young individuals to learn about career opportunities and working. This helps to prepare the students so when they are hired they have a better understanding of the workplace and a stronger likelihood of success within their career.  

For the Funding Source: Summer Youth services help to prepare the individual for working with others, how to prepare for the working world, and what to expect when they are ready for employment.