Description of Service

Job Seeking Skills Training (JSST) helps a person learn the most up to date skills to find a job.

Individuals receive skilled training on how to obtain and network for a job in clients interest area, comprehensive professional resume composition, training in job applications and interview, positive self-image building, mock or videotaped interviews, and job-related problem solving.  In addition to satisfaction surveys, success in Job Seeking Skills Training is measured in the objectives that are met and by the number of persons served who choose to explore permanent employment with or without the use of Job Development.

What does the Service Look Like?

After meeting with the Career Consultant for several weeks, I was ready to practice my new Job Seeking Skills with a mock interview!  I met the Career Consultant in the library, in their office and at the Job and Family Services office for the last meetings, but this time the Career Consultant was picking me up and going to the Smith’s Law Offices.  In the ride over we discussed all of the things I had learned – how to introduce myself and how to answer questions.  I was nervous, but the Career Consultant reassured me that I had learned lots during our last meetings.  What a relief when the Office Manager greeted me and I was able to speak with her. I have a lot more confidence after hearing their feedback on my resume and interview.


For the Job Seeker: JSST prepares a job seeker for their job search which usually results in a more professional job search.

For the Employer: Employers will benefit from having job applicants that are prepared to put their best foot forward.

For funding sources: During JSST, we can be proactive in the job search, heading off barriers that could be eliminate opportunities in the future and preparing the person to contribute the best of their abilities to their job search.