Description of Service

This service provides easily accessible support and training needed to succeed in today’s competitive work environments.

Skilled coaches train workers through task analysis, utilizing job site analysis, learning style and modality strength information, document progress, establish ongoing assessments, establish natural supports to foster independence and fade from direct employee training. Off-site training provides easily accessible support and training needed to succeed in today’s competitive and stressful work environments.  In addition to satisfaction surveys, success in Job Coaching is measured by the number of persons served who are successfully employed 90 days after the job coaching is completed.  This is known as a “Successful Closures”.

What does the Service Look Like?

It all started when I got a job!! My first thought, “I am so happy”. My second thought, “Oh no, I got a job!” My fears were numerous: I don’t know anyone, I’ve never worked, and I don’t know what to do! My job developer reminded me I would have a job coach to help me. My job coach called me before my first day to introduce herself and we agreed on a place to meet on the day of my orientation. My job coach met me the first day and helped me feel less nervous. She was with me when I met my new coworkers and we talked about things we had in common. She helped me learn my job duties and showed me easier ways to do some of the tasks. She worked with me to talk to my supervisor about questions, request time off, pick up my pay check, clock in, and a ton of other stuff. She really helped me to not feel nervous. My job coach was such a great support to me. I couldn’t have done it without her!


On-the-job supports benefit employers by taking the extra burden of training and onboarding. Some employees need personalized one-on-one training to become independent workers. Capabilities provides this personalization for your company.