Description of Service

This assessment is done over a four-week period of time. It is used to assess the person served’s ability to work from home. The person served is given homework assignments with deadlines similar to real employment situations to determine if the person served can work independently from their home with minimal contact. The person served’s knowledge of the Internet, Word, Excel, and Outlook is assessed. The person served’s academic levels are tested, as well as their typing speed and knowledge of office skill practices.

What does the Service Look Like?

A vocational evaluator will come to the person served’s home to assess the person served’s skills, abilities, and aptitudes for clerical-related work. When the evaluator comes to the person served’s home, the evaluator is looking to see if the person has dedicated space where they can work uninterrupted and in confidence if need be. The evaluator will check the person served’s computer and Internet connection and look to see if a landline could be introduced in the dedicated space. Questions about animals or small children will be asked to ensure the person served can truly work from home uninterrupted.


If the person served successfully completes four weeks of homework and can meet the criteria of dedicated space, the person served would then be referred to job development to develop a job that would meet their needs in the home.