Description of Service

This service provides individualized training in the basics of operating a cash register and providing customer service.

What does the Service Look Like?

You will meet with a Career Consultant during this training to receive hands-on experience to learn how to handle money, operate a cash register, and learn customer service skills. We will familiarize you with employer expectations for this field by reviewing job descriptions to ready yourself for this career. You will be trained and prepared to accept checks, credit cards, and alternate payment methods including SNAP and WIC. Once completed, you will have the ability to provide excellent customer service and will feel comfortable addressing customer complaints. Counting money and providing proper change as well as an understanding of calculating taxes and discounts will also be learned. You will have the ability to confidently advocate for yourself and your skills as you receive a certificate of completion for this training.  


For the Job Seeker: Retail Sales and Customer Service training will provide persons served with the foundational skills that are needed to work in the retail and service industries. 

For the Employer: This service provides employers with properly trained and prepared candidates to fill open positions.

For the Funding Source: This service effectively prepares an individual to be competitively employed in the community with the experience and training the employer is seeking. The training is modified to meet the needs of the individual by spending more time in specific areas of need.