Description of Service

A professional Evaluator will identify potential job placement goals and recommendations through customized ability and achievement testing as well as interest, values, personality, transferable skills, and career maturity inventories.

Computer and/or Clerical Assessment/Testing services are designed to assess a person’s computer skills and the likelihood of success when working in an office or clerical environment. The person’s keyboarding skills and knowledge of utilizing email, the Internet, and Microsoft Office are assessed. Competitive employment goals and workplace preferences are also discussed and reviewed during the service. Upon completion, recommendations are provided regarding the person’s next steps on his or her employment journey.

What does the Service Look Like?

A Capabilities Evaluator works closely with you during this service to assess your computer knowledge and skills in order to determine what your aptitudes are for securing competitive employment in an office or clerical setting. Your typing skills, familiarity with Google Suite, and using the Internet as well as email will be evaluated. After the testing (which can take two to three hours total to complete), you will review what your preferences are in regards to the atmosphere/work environment to create specific job goals. The Evaluator will provide recommendations to improve your skills as well as any further training that is needed to help you reach your goals.


For the Job Seeker: The Computer and/or Clerical Assessment/Testing service provides the person with valuable information regarding his or her computer/clerical skills.

For the Employer: This assessment/testing ensures qualified candidates are entering the workforce to fill open positions.

For the Funding Source: This training provides a valuable opportunity for the person to learn about his or her level of familiarity with computers and ability to excel in an office/clerical environment, allowing the funding source to be better equipped to advise and guide the person on their road to success and help them select a job goal that fits them.