Description of Service

To help a person receiving services determine what career they would like to pursue, Capabilities staff will help the person served investigate a variety of career paths available based on area need and individual interests and aptitude.

Job Shadowing/Labor Market Analysis/Informational Interviews -To assist a person receiving services in job goal choice through a series of job shadowing experiences, labor market analysis and/or informational interviews.

Job Skills Assessment- Customized assessment and intervention strategies of issues identified that job seeker has had issues with in past employment.

What does the Service Look Like?

People who receive this service have a realistic vision of how they will be able to contribute to businesses, what they will find satisfying in this career and if this career is viable in their local community.  Employers can assist with career exploration by hosting informational interviews, tours, and job shadows with minimal disruption into their business.


This is a great opportunity for staff members to share information about their career. Capabilities, Inc. provides Career Exploration services with extensive research in local businesses/workforce trends and with focus on the person’s interests and aptitudes. Career Exploration at Capabilities is creative, inquisitive, and connects the person to their career path.